Can I be assured of high quality?
Absolutely!!! Our promise is that when you contact Ana Registry, you will receive personal attention with full discretion.  Ana´s Registry‘s priority is not to be in business to "make a quick buck". Our mission is to have you as a client to ascertain that every meeting is a wonderful experience for you.   Most of out clients are repeat clients and consist of successful gentlemen who are used to the highest level of life tastes and services.

Are the pictures on Ana Register 100% genuine and recent? 
Ana Registry will guarantee that the gallery pictures are real and recent. We carefully recruit our models and we work together to build positive relationships. It is very important for us to know our models in person. Ana Registry’s models have the highest standards in the modeling industry.

Why do I need to become a member to view the gallery?
Our Clients and our Models both share confidentiality concerns. None of our clients want to meet a woman whose face is all over the Internet. Our models could not attend a high-profile event if she is a known companion. Our ladies have families, careers and
futures to consider.​ As such, discretion and privacy are our highest priorities. Rather than exhibit fake photos, we only use the models real photos and these photos are available in their last page members-only area.

Can I contact the model directly?
Unfortunately, you can not. Our models have chosen Ana Registry to make all of the arrangements for them. They do not want to be in direct contact with a Client before or after a meeting. The entire process is done by the agency. Ana Registry understands, that if you have made a booking for a long- term engagement, you may have several questions in order to be confident that you have chosen the right model for you. Please do not hesitate to ask Ana for further personal assistance. Any messages you wish to convey to the model or issues you need to clarify with her should be communicated to Ana Registry. However, we respectfully advise that we are not a chat service. If you insist to speak directly to the model, then please contact an alternative agency or an independent model.

How do you guarantee my privacy?
Information about our clients is kept confidential and privacy is protected with utmost care. Information provided by the Client is purely for vetting purposes and will be held in absolute confidentiality. Your details are NEVER disclosed to a third party of any kind. All services are offered with complete discretion and provided with the attention you deserve. 

Screening: What do I need to provide?
Contacting me for the first time is not always easy. However, I will return calls and answer emails promptly. As a potential client, you will be gently screened (nothing invasive!) and conversely provided with as much information as possible about the process.  Politeness is extremely important to us. Vulgarity in emails, or any attempt to verbally abuse anyone, will terminate all future forms of communication.

How can I make a booking and how much notice is needed?
Ideally, the earlier you make your appointment, the better it is for both of us.  All of Our models have professional careers. Therefore booking with adequate notice is of paramount importance. If one of our models caught your eye and you would like to meet her, please contact us. Ana is the booking manager for the models. Some models can arrange their meeting within a few hours time. Others need to have a notice of 1 or 2 days and some up to one week or more. However, if you wish for a date for the same day, we would be pleased to try to book at the last-minute.

All of our ladies are different in their unique ways and they all have their own individual rates. We will discuss and confirm the total fee for you before each appointment.
Please keep in mind that additional fees will apply for transportation (flight tickets). The travel cost is predicated on the travel arrangements which you desire. When a model travels internationally or travels domestically a long distance then a prepayment of these costs are required. We are very transparent about charges and always do our best to keep travel charges to a minimum. While we do cater to very affluent clients, we will never over-charge our clients. Honesty and integrity are important to us.

Can you give me a discount?
If a low price is your main concern, then chances are we are not an agency for you.

How do I pay the model?
Payment for your appointment is welcome in cash within the first 10 minutes of your introduction (alternative methods upon request). Please do so without prompting from our model in order to avoid any compromising or uncomfortable situations.

I need to cancel my appointment, how should I proceed?
Please, give as much notice time as possible. The Agency reserves your appointment in the Models schedule and it is an inconvenience for her to have her time and preparation plans wasted. If the appointment was a travel appointment, we require 72 hours notice. Cancellation with less than 72 hours notice will result in forfeited airfares. If you have made a pre-payment, your funds will be held in credit for the next three (3) months, during which time you are welcome to book the same model again or use your funds to be introduced to other models. Your funds will be forfeited if they are not used within the three (3) months. If you cancel the appointment and the model has already arrived, it would be appreciated if the client does the gentlemanly thing and offers the model a cancellation fee to cover her costs and preparation time.

Please remember that this is NOT an offer or solicitation for prostitution or anything related to the sort. If so, this would be breaking Laws of different Countries. Donations from you to the Model are simply for time and companionship. Anything else that may occur is between consenting adults, both of legal age and with common interests. For additional information on this topic, please read the DISCLAIMER.

Can I answer you any other questions? Please feel free to ask here

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